TiteFx Orange LogoThe Latest Revolution in Body Contouring and Shaping.

Target your trouble spots for a slimmer, smoother, tighter figure. When we lose weight using exercise or diet, it is in the proportion that is distributed on our body. titeFX™ offers you the ability to target and treat the areas that concern you the most.

titeFX™ finally provides women with the body contouring solution they have been looking for! In just a few treatments titeFX™ will help contour your body and provide you with a non-invasive beauty breakthrough and have you feeling lighter, tighter and healthier.

What is titeFX™?

titeFX™ targets problematic fatty tissues for improvements in the appearance of your body. titeFX™ will help reshape and contour your body to provide you with a non-surgical alternative to liposuction.

How Does titeFX™ work?

The triple action effects of titeFX™ include radiofrequency heating, vacuum massage and a high amplitude pulse that delivers optimal energy to treatment areas.

Are there any side effects?

When used correctly, there are no side effects associated with treatment. Treatment is safe and effective for individuals of all skin colors. Your skin and body should feel an immediate response during your first TiteFx treatment.

Does it hurt?

Most patients find titeFX™ comfortable. Most patients do report warmth in the treatment area and a burst of energy during the electroporation pulse. During treatment your body’s temperature levelers are constantly monitored, this provides safe and accurate feedback of your skin temperature and comfort levels.